Alternate names: Verbovets [Rus], Verbovitz [Yid], Wierzbowiec [Pol], Werbowez [Ger], Verbovec'.. 45°53' N 16°25' E , 181 mi SW of Kyyiv in Zagreb County. JewishGen locality page. [February 2009]

Vrbovec was first time mentioned 1244 in written documents found in the Archbishop's archive in Zagreb in serial Privilegialia. Croatian-Hungarian King Bela III (IV) gave County Junk, the son of Izak from Ravno (village), whose rights are confirmed from Koloman (brother of King Bela). Count Junk was the governor at Križevci county. [February 2009]

Cemetery: Established before 1914, the site exists today with a Ceremonial Hall on property sold in 1951. Jewish Community belonged to the nearby J.C. in Zagreb. Jewish Population: 1931- 57; 1947-0; 1994-1. Source: Srdjan Matic, MD, 40 West 95th Street, Apt. 1-B, New York, NY 10025. (212) 222-7783.[1999]

The Jewish cemetery, located at the edge of town, has about fifty monuments with inscriptions in Hebrew, German, and Croatian. Fenced with barbed wire, overgrown, and seriously neglected, access is via private property between a henhouse and a pigsty. [January 2009]

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