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Alternate names: Požega [Croa], Slavonska Požega, Pozsega [Hun], Poschega [Ger], Posega. 45°20' N, 17°41' E, in central Slavonia, E Croatia, 87 miles ESE of Zagreb. Jewish population: 468 (in 1931). Pinkas HaKehilot, Yugoslavia (1988), p. 238: "Slavonska Pozega"


City of Požega
34000 Požega Trg Sv. Trojstva 1 Croatia
(+385 34) 272-461 (+385 34) 272-561
Požega-Slavonia, County (11)

In 1830, the gates of the free city of Pozega were opened to the first Jewish tax-farmer. At the same time, the Jews of the surrounding smaller

villages had a rabbi. Milivoj Asner, the Croatian police chief for the Ustasha (Nazi collaborators), is accused of sending hundreds of Jews, Gypsies,

and Serbs to death camps. By 1942, the entire Jewish community in Pozega, his home town, was wiped out. After the war, Asner fled to Austria

and was granted citizenship. Fifty year later he resettled near Pozega where a young Croatian historian discovered him. He promptly fled back to

Austria. In 2005, when Croatia requested extradition, Austria denied the request on the basis of Asner's citizenship. After Azner lost his citizenship,

Austria denied extradition on medical grounds. He remains at large. [February 2009]

Cemetery, established in 1900, exists today on property confiscated in 1958. [Land Registry: Folder No: 2144 Plot No.: 2290, 2291/2 & 2294/3]

(1898 Synagogue) [1885], 1898 Synagogue. Jewish Community, established in 19th century, ended in 1941. Source: Srdjan Matic, MD,

40 West 95th Street, Apt. 1-B, New York, NY 10025. (212) 222-7783. Jewish Population: 1857-59; 1880-156; 1890-224; 1900-327; 1910-327;

1921-340; 1925/26-468; 1931-248; 1937/38-230; 1941-175; 1947-10; 1948-0; 1971-3; 1981-1; 1994-0; 1991-1. See: Gruber, Ruth Ellen.

Jewish Heritage Travel: A Guide to East-Central Europe. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 1992. (page 244)

Updated and correction of above information by Alen Budaj, Pozega - Zagreb, Croatia, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [August 2002]:

From unpublished book of the Jewish community (1467–1945): Pozega Jewish cemetery already had several acts of vandalism about

ten years ago, but nobody reacted. Graveyard is in exceptionally bad condition. Again noted attack on a few vault tombstones in June 2002.

28 are damaged with big rocks and spray paint. About incident, I personally informed the municipal museum of the town of Pozega of

what I observed. They did nothing to initiate procedures for finding perpetrators, who acted flagrantly. I request that you inform all

institutions that can act in this situation! Source: Alen Budaj. [August 2002]

The inactive 1900 Jewish cemetery is large and very neglected and overgrown with approximately 600 monuments. No maintenance.

Many monuments are lying on the ground. Also scars of war are visible on many monuments. Inscriptions are in Hebrew, German,

and Croatian. [January 2009]

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