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Located at 45°54' N, 16°51' E 41 mi E of Zagreb. Alternate names: Bjelovar [Croa], Belovár [Hun], Belowar [Ger], Бјеловар. In central Croatia. [February 2009] Bjelovar-Bilogora, County

City of Bjelovar
43000 Bjelovar
Ivana Gundulića 1
P.O.Box 69
(+385 43) 244-922 (+385 43) 244-615

town image {February 2009]

The synagogue on ulica Strossmayer was built in 1911-20 by Bernard Hoenigsberg & Julius Deutsch and consecrated in 1917. The building was confiscated in 1947 and still exists as a publicly owned concert hall. The building was renovated in 1990. An older synagogue built in 1882 and demolished in 1917. [Land Registry: Folder No: 1020; Plot No.: 2235] The Jewish community was established in 1877 and still exists. The synagogue closed in 1952. Jewish Population: 1925/26-800; 1930-503; 1931- 529; 1937/38- 440; 1941- 288; 1947-35; 1994-10. Source: Srdjan Matic, MD, 40 West 95th Street, Apt. 1-B, New York, NY 10025. (212) 222-7783. See: Gruber, Ruth Ellen. Jewish Heritage Travel: A Guide to East-Central Europe. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 1992. (Page 243)

Wikipedia article about the synagogue. [July 2014]

Dragutin Wolf (1866-1927) lived here.

Cemetery: Part of the Town Central Cemetery, established in 1876 and still is in use. Ceremonial Hall exists, but was sold in 1966. @200 monuments exist on public property that was confiscated in 1947. [Land Registry: Folder No: 9 Plot No.: 1231 & 1228] [date?]

The Jewish section of the well-maintained municipal cemetery was established in 1876. Inscriptions are in various combinations of Hebrew, German, Hungarian, Croatian and other languages. [July 2014]

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