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"The New Synagogue, built in 1860, has been used since the Second World War as a metal workshop. Its predecessor, built in 1768, was destroyed in 1860.

Travnik city museum has a collection of Jewish ritual objects. Silver artefacts include Megillah (Scroll of Esther) cases and a silver prayer book cover believed to have belonged to one of the city's oldest Jewish families. The objects were discovered in 1989 during the digging of foundations for a new house.

Cemetery: The Jewish cemetery was founded in 1762. It sits next to the Catholic cemetery on a hillside outside the town. There are some 250-300 tombstones, with inscriptions in Hebrew and Ladino. In the centre is a simple Holocaust monument: a cubical concrete pedestal on which are positioned three of what appear to be the cemetery's oldest tombstones. The site is quite overgrown with vegetation." Source [January 2009]


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