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This cemetery has 22 tombstones from 1741-1858.

BOOK: Chajes, H. P. Juedische und juedisch-indisch Grabschriften aus Aden" (Jewish and Jewish-Indian graves inscriptions in Aden)in Sitzungbericht der Philodophisch-Historischen Klasse der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften. BD.147 nr.3. Vienna, Austria 1904. 30 pages in German. PV181, 147, III. Source: Tagger, Mathilde. Printed Books on Jewish Cemeteries in the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem: an Annotated Bibliography. Jerusalem: The Israel Genealogical Society, 1997.

Jewish history. [August 2009]

Jewish Tombstones in Aden. "Four Jewish cemeteries are known to have existed in the Aden area. Two of them were ancient and were closed to funerals before the nineteenth century. The third one was in the center of the city in the ‘Crater' area, so-called by the British. This cemetery was still in use at the time of British occupation. The Ma‘ala cemetery is the new cemetery. In addition to these cemeteries there is a memorial tomb in the Holkat-Bay area. ... The cemetery at Ma‘ala was used by the Jewish community of Aden from 1860 until 1967, when the Jewish community was dissolved. Today there are hundreds of graves with tombstones of different shapes and sizes at this cemetery. The earliest date of burial found in the Ma‘ala cemetery was from the year 1863 CE (tav, res, lamed, gimel). The latest date was from 1967 CE " [August 2009]

One of the first sights on coming from the airport was a large Jewish cemetery along one of the mountainsides. Row after row of raised stone sarcophagi can be seen, facing north. Source [January 2010]

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