Shire of Northampton, Western Australia, Australia at 28°27' S 114°33' E. Current town population is about 1000 with no Jews. Northampton has no Jews in permanent residence. The nearest Jewish community is in Perth 450 kilometres away. The cemetery is one of nine remote cemeteries in the State of Western Australia that have Jewish burials. Source - Warren and Brenda Austin, 2 Gifford Way, Dianella, Western Australia 6059, Australia, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , telephone 61 8 9375 3181 completed the survey in January 2006. [January 2006]

  • Catholic Cemetery: Postal address of cemetery: c/o Bishop of Geraldton, Roman Catholic Church, Geraldton, W.A., 6530 Australia. Cemetery records are in a ledger in the Shire office. [December 2004]
    Care is provided by shire workers. The cemetery contains one burial and is located in the Midwest of Western Australia on flat land. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all via a continuous wire fence and an unlocked gate. The general cemetery is divided by religious sections, but the Jewish burials are in two different places.
  • One gravestone dates from 4 March 1903. The nineteenth century stone gravestone with an iron railing and Hebrew and English inscription is in original location. This burial is unusual at the very least. Apparently, the boy buried was a boarder at a Roman Catholic school in Northampton when he died. His family were living on a sheep station (ranch) many miles away. The school buried him in their own cemetery. The grave has been set aside from the others and has a typical Jewish headstone in both Hebrew and English.
  • The present owner of the cemetery property is the Catholic Church. Adjacent properties are open space. Visits to the Jewish grave are very rare The site has been vandalized. No current care. No structures. No threats. The vegetation overgrowth in the cemetery is no problem. Water drainage at the cemetery is good all year.
  • Source - Survey by Warren and Brenda Austin.  [January 2006]


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