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SPOKANE: Spokane County
Temple Beth Shalom , 1322 E 30th, Spokane WA 99203

Temple Emanuel historical marker: Temple Emanuel was dedicated in 1892 on land donated by a Christian so that Jews would have a synagogue in Spokane. Five years ago, the marker was vandalized -- maliciously chiseled. JASHP repaired the damage and re-dedicated the marker. Last year, the marker again was vandalized.  Again the marker was maliciously chiseled and seriously damaged. The city of Spokane Historic Preservation office, under the leadership of Emily Vance, undertook the effort to repair the marker. Working with a local foundry, Authentic Restoration Services, John Leinen and Brian Westmoreland donated their services, time and and professional skills to restore the marker to its original condition. The Jewish historical marker has been fully restored and proudly resited in a dignified setting. JASHP thanks the city of Spokane, Authentic Restoration Services and the members of community, all whom are not Jewish, for their help. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

1919 Jewish population was 1100. Source: Alan Hirshfeld's submission of "Directory of Jewish Local Organizations in the United States", pp. 330-583. American Jewish Year Book 5680 September 25, 1919 to Sept. 12, 1920 , Volume 21. Edited by Harry Schneiderman for the American Jewish Committee for Emanu El and Greenwood .

Historian, Helen Boots and Rural Spokane County Cemeteries, Vol. 1, pub. 1961 by EWGS.

The Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation placed a historic marker at the site of the first permanent Jewish House of Worship in Washington State.Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [Feb 2016]



  • Ahalath Israel Cemetery: Dedicated Apr 23, 1914 and recorded in the Spokane County records in Plat Book Q, page 52. The articles filed at that time were signed by: Louis A. Joffe, S. Goldberg, N. Goodman, A. Taitch, President; Sam Fishbach, Vice-president and D. Markowitz, Secretary. The area of this old cemetery i(NW of the overpass of Exit 276 of the I-90 freeway through Spokane, WA) was closed after just a few burials were made  because the solid rock made digging graves impossible. Reportedly all burials were removed at that time  to Mt. Nebo Cemetery,the present Jewish cemetery in Spokane. No records have been found to exist by either Spokane county or the Jewish community.
  • Mount Nebo Cemetery: Burial list. 509-747-3304 T25N R42E Sec 14 Lat: 47°39'53"N, Lon: 117°28'13"W Photos, history and burial list. Mount Nebo cemetery is on North Government Way, just north of and adjacent to Greenwood Memorial Park. Go west on Fort George Wright Drive past Spokane Community College to Government Way. Turn left (south), onto Government Way and continue for one mile plus to the cemetery on the right hidden behind the trees."This is the second Jewish cemetery in Spokane, replacing the first which was called Ahalath Israel Cemetery and owned by the Keneseth Israel congregation. Most of the headstones are upright with the star of David, usually on the top center front. Many have Hebrew writing on them, both front and back. A few are only in Hebrew, except for the name."
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