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Prof. Dr. Mikhail Degtiar, Prof.. Sociology of Culture at Tver State University, Sociology of Culture
Work Address: Trehsvyatskaya 10 \ Tver 170000 \ Russian Federation Home Address: Poselok Himinstituta, dom 33, kv. 16 \ Tver 170032 \ Russian Federation; Home Tel.: +7 (082) 229-28-73, E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . PhD., Tashkent State University (Uzbekistan), Dept. of philosophy, 1982 and Former chairman of Tashkent Jewish Cultural Center (Uzbekistan)

Synagogue at Gorbunova Street


Jewish history and history. [January 2010]

European-Jewish cemetery (the old name - "Textile" cemetery) is located in the central part of the City, next to "Textile factory". The first graves here are dated back to 1944. The number of graves from 1944 to 1965 is 14,320 people, from 1965 to 1988 - 2,150 people, from 1988 to 2003 - 581 people, the total number of graves is 16,300. The cemetery consists of 8 sectors: 6 sectors are Jewish, 2 sectors are Russian. Each sector has 12 rows, but there are also some sectors with 30 rows. The state of graves and tombs is highly different from one to another. The cemetery also has Bukhara-Jewish sector with more than 1,000 graves. All graves and tombs here are in a very good and proper condition. The sector is officially counted as a part of European-Jewish cemetery. source and photos. inventory [January 2010]

Bukhara-Jewish cemetery is located in the area of the "Old town". The graves are dated back to 1945. The approximate number of graves exceeds 10,000 people. The cemetery consists of several sectors. The state of graves and tombs is good. The relatives who still live in the country visit the graves on holidays and at date of death. source and photos. [January 2010]


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