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Alternate names: Zvenigorodka [Звенигородка- Rus, Yid], Zvenyhorodka, Звенигородка [Ukr], Zwienigorodka [Pol]. 49°05' N, 30°58' E, 41 miles NE of Uman, 72 miles NW of Kirovohrad (Elizavetgrad) in central Ukraine on the river Hnylyi Tikych and is the administrative center of the Zvenyhorodsky Raion. 19th century: part of the Russian Kiev Governorate. 1900 Jewish population: 6,389. [August 2009]

Birthplace of David Günzburg (1857-1910), orientalist and Jewish communal leader and of Horace Günzburg (1833-1909), philanthropist.

The Jewish Community of Zvenigorodka at Str. Sverdlov, 3A. Phone: (04740) 5-21-61 or.Synagogue: 13-A Dzerjunskogo Str., aprt.23, Zvenigorodka 20200.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 38-04740-26485 (Feb 2014]

"ZVENIGORODKA, city in S. Kiev district, Ukraine. In 1787 the Jewish community of Zvenigorodka numbered 387. In 1897 there were 6,389 Jews (32% of the total population) and in 1926 the number of Jews in Zvenigorodka amounted to 6,584 (36.5% of the total population). Most of the Jews were murdered when the Germans occupied Zvenigorodka in World War II. A 1959 census showed approximately 700 Jews in the town. There was no organized Jewish life. In 1965 private religious services were dispersed by the militia. Most Jews left in the mass exodus of the 1990s,"  BIBLIOGRAPHY: I. Erenburg, Merder fun Felker (1945), 138-40." Source: Encyclopaedia Judaica. [Feb 2014]

Wikipedia. [Feb 2014]
NJ synagogue adopts this town. [Feb 2014]

I recently returned from a visit to Zvenigorodka. Ten members of my temple traveled there to present a torah to a Reform/Progressive congregation that recently had its temple returned by the government. On the day we presented the torah, we also participated in Bar & Bat Mitzvah ceremonies for 16 children and one adult (the mother of one of the children). Before leaving Zvenigorodka, we visited the Jewish cemetery. As a result of our visit, we have made a commitment to help the community refurbish and maintain the temple and the cemetery. For further info about efforts to aid the community feel free to e-mail me directly. Source: Gary R. Platt, Morristown, NJ. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [29 Jun 2000]

cemetery photos[Feb 2014]




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