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100px Alternate names: Zolochiv and Золочів  [Ukr], Złoczów [Pol], Zlotshev and זלאָטשעװ  [Yid], Zolochev and Золочев  [Rus], Solotschiw [Ger], Zlochev, Zlochuv, Zlotchev, Zolociv. 49°48' N, 24°54' E, 40 miles E of L'viv (Lvov), 35 miles WNW of Ternopil (Tarnopol).  Jewish population: 4,046 (in 1890), 5,744 (in 1921).  the administrative center of Zolochiv Raion.

From the first partition of Poland in 1772 to 1918, the town (named ZŁOCZÓW) was part of the Austrian monarchy and one of the 78 Bezirkshauptmannschaften in Austrian Galicia province (Crown land) in 1900. After The Peace of Riga in 1921 Zolochiv, still named Złoczów, belonged to the Tarnopol Voivodship until1939, when it was occupied by the Soviet Union. Source: Wikipedia. [Feb 2014]

Born here were Naphtali Herz Imber - Jewish poet, wrote lyrics of Hatikvah; Ilya Schor, a painter, jeweler, engraver, and artist of Judaica: Abraham Shalit, Jewish historian; and Rabbi Zev Wolf. [Feb 2014]

POGROM IN ZLOCZOW, JULY 1941. Holocaust Museum film. [Feb 2014]

Cemetery overview but which is not indicated.

ZOLOCHEV I:     US Commission No. UA13410101
The cemetery is located at the NW part of the village at Lvovskaya St. 16. Alternative names: German: Zlotsche; Polish: Zloczow. It is located in Lvovskaya oblast at 49º40' and 42º35', 64 km from Lvov.Present town population is 5000-25000 with fewer than 10 Jews.

  • Town officials: Town Soviet Chairman Yaroslav Maximovich, tel.: 42505. Deputy Chairman, tel.: 42047. Town Soviet is on Shashkevich St., next to the school.
  • Regional officials: Lvov Regional State Administration, Lvov, Vinnichenko St., 18, reception room, tel.: 722947, 728093.
  • Lvov Jewish Community, Lvov, Mikhnovskih St. 4, tel.: 330524, Rabbi Mordekhai Shloime Bold. The unlocked cemetery has no caretaker. Another source that can have information about the cemetery is Lvov Center State Historical Archives (CSHA), Sobornaya square, 3a, tel.: 723508.

The earliest mention of a Jewish community in the town is 1628. 1934Jewish population was 7000. Effecting Jewish Community were Privileges granted by Polish king Yan III Sobeskii in 1681; building of masonry synagogue in 1782; Polish-Ukrainian War (1648-1654); and tzadakkim from Zolochev. Living here were Israil Eidelis (1505); family of tzadakkim Zlochever; and N.Imber author of the hymn 'Hatikva'. The unlandmarked Hasidic cemetery was created in the second half of the 16th century with last known Jewish burial before June 1941. The isolated urban plain has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off the road and crossing public properties (left from the road to Lvov factory area), access is open with permission. A continuuous fence with non-locking gate surrounds site. The approximate size of the cemetery before the World War II was 1.27 hectares. There are no visible tombstones. More than 75% of stones are broken. Some removed stones are part of roads or structures. Local citizens stole stones as building material. There are no separate monuments. The cemetery does not contain mass graves. Municipality owns property used as Jewish cemetery and industrial or commercial usage. The cemetery is borders residential area. The cemetery boundaries are smaller than in 1939 because of the commercial or industrial building process. Occasionally, organized individual tours and Jewish private visitors stop. The cemetery was vandalized during the World War II, between 1945 and 1981 and often during last ten years. Jewish groups within the country and foreign Jewish groups fixed walls and gates in 1995. There is no care or structure. Serious threat: vandalism, incompatible development.Iosif Gelston, Lvov, PO Box 10569, 290049, tel./fax: (0322) 227490 completed survey on 30.10.1998 after visit on 15.10.1998. Interviewed were local citizens, living near the cemetery, who refused to give their names. Documentation: CSHA, Fond 186, inventory 6, page 16; L.Chazewiczowa Dzieje m. Zlockowa Zloczow, 1929, p. 61, 64 (in Polish); Slownik Geogr. Krol. Pols., T.14, St. 628, Warszawa, 1895 (in Polish).

Photos taken in Sept. 2006 were contributed by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Portage, MI [August 2009]

ZOLOCHEV II:     US Commission No. UA13420501

The mass burial site is located at the SE part of the village, castle of Zolochev, near the road to Ternopol.

  • Victor Susak, Lvov, tel.: 744792; Meilakh Shoikhet, Lvov Kulchinskaya St. 3, tel.: 622219; Lvov Pictures Gallery, Stefanik St. 3, tel.: 723948

The Hasidic mass burial site dates from 3.07.1941. No other town's Jews were murdered at this site. It is not listed and protected as a landmark or monument. The isolated urban south wall of the castle has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off the road, access is open to all. No wall, fence, or gate surrounds the area. There are no visible tombstones or structures. Wooden columns mark the site that contains marked and unmarked mass graves. The municipality and regional or national governmental office owns property used only as Jewish cemetery. The cemetery borders south walls of the castle. Boundaries are larger than in 1939. Rarely, private visitors stop. The mass burial site was vandalized during last ten years. A bulldozer removed part of the land near the southeast line where remains of murdered people were found. Regional/national authorities were responsible for the restoration in 1993. No current care. Serious threat: vegetation overgrowth, incompatible present and planning development. In summer near the site is high grass that prevents access. Through the South swell and a wall entry gate has been established. Now, the mass burial site can be crossed by transport. Moderate threat: safety, erosion, pollution, and vandalism.

Iosif Gelston, Lvov, 290049, PO Box 10569, tel./fax: (0322) 227490 completed survey on 30.10.1998. Gelston visited site on 15.10.1998. Interviewed were Kovalik Vladimir Ulianovich, Zolochev, Krivonos St., 10, tel.: 44823; Victor Susak-member of Lvov organization "Memorial", participant in 1993 exhumation, tel.: (0322) 744792. Documentation: State Archives of Lvov region (SALR), Fond P-3, Inventory 1, pages 5-6.



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