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Alternate names Zavalov, Zawalow.
"Zavaliv is a small but renown historical town or rather a big village (with a population up to 10.000 inhabitants) located 10 km southwest from Pidhaytsi in present day Pidhaytsi district (formerly Berezhany district) of Ternopil region. It is situated on the banks of the same Zolota Lypa (Golden Lime Tree) river as Berezhany is. The name comes from two Ukrainian words: "za" - behind and "val" - ground wall, a large ground fence. The town's population is exclusively Ukrainian now (Greek Catholic by confession) although before the war in 1939 most of the inhabitants were Poles and Jews (30 Jewish families, all of them with coming of Nazis were taken to Jewish Ghetto in Pidhaytsi and afterwards to Belzec camp being exterminated). Ukrainians inhabited the rural areas mostly. The closest villages and towns are Nosiv, Pidhaytsi, Monastyryska. The town is located on the road connecting Pidhaytsi with Ivano-Frankivsk region on the west. Source: [November 2002]
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