YOSIPOVKA:     US Commission No. UA05640501
Alternate name: Yuzefovka (Polish). Yosipovka is located in Zhitomirskaya, 7 km from Baranovka and 86 km from Zhitomir. The mass grave is located at Foliose forest, 1 km from village and 50m to West from highway Baran-Dubrov. Present town population is under 1,000 with no Jews.
  • Town officials: Village Executive Council of Chairman -Samchuk Mikhail Vasilyevich [Phone: (04124) 42333]. Local officials: Village Executive Council of Chairman -Samchuk Mikhail Vasilyevich [Phone: (04124) 99242]. Regional: Protection memotial of culture Society of Borisyuk N.E. [Phone: (0412) 370807]. Town officials: Regional Protection memotial of culture Society of Savchuk Vladimir Terentyevich. Others: Strilchuk Anatoliy Pavlovich of Main editor newspaper 'Slovo Polissya'.
The Hasidic mass grave was dug in 1941. Serednya (2 km away) and Baranovka (2 km away) Jews were murdered at this unlandmarked mass grave. The isolated suburban flat land has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all. No wall, fence, or gate surrounds the mass grave. No stones are visible. No stones were removed. The site contains unmarked mass graves. The municipality owns property used for mass burial site and forest materials storage. Properties adjacent are forest. The mass grave boundaries are larger now than 1939. This mass grave was not vandalized. There is no maintenance. Vegetation overgrowth is a constant problem, disturbing graves. Water drainage at the mass grave is a seasonal problem. Serious threat: vegetation (Strong vegetation). Moderate threat: uncontrolled access and proposed nearby development. Slight threat: weather erosion, pollution and vandalism.
Kogan Leonid of Novograd-Volynskiy, Lenina St. 107, apt. 42 [Phone: (04141) 54259] visited site on 12/7/96. Interviewed on 12/7/96 were Svinitskaya Feliksa Leontyevna and Rutskiy Afanas Adolfovich of Yosipovka. Kogan completed survey on 13/07/1996. Documentation: newspaper Slovo Polissya#43, 1996.