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YASTRIBUNOVOYE:     US Commission No. UA14070501
Yastribunovoye is located in Nikolaevskaya at 46º_ 31º_, 11 km from Voznesensk, 85 km from Nikolaev and 150 km from Odessa. The mass grave is located at village North. Present town population is 1,000-5,000 with no Jews.
  • Town officials: Voznesensk Rayispolkom, Fedorov Mchislav Grigopyevich (05134) 42227. Local officials: Voznesensk Regional Dept. of Culture, Zavinovskaya Oksana Ivanovna (05134) 42371. Regional: Nikolaev Oblispolkom Culture Dept., Laskutnikov Viktor Sergeevich (05122) 350140. Town officials: Voznesensk kraeved museium, Timoshina Valentina Vasilyevna (05134) 44424. Others: Nikolaev society of Jewish culture, Goldenberg Mikhail (05122) 246729. Nikolaev Oblast Kraeved Museium, dir. Petrov Vladimir Antonovich (051221) 342205.
Effecting the Jewish Community was 1941 mass murder of nearly 500 Jewish from Voznesenskat mass grave. Jews from no other towns or villages were murdered at this unlandmarked mass grave. The suburban agricultural flat land has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all. No wall, fence, or gate surrounds the mass grave. The approximate size of mass grave is now 0.01 hectares. No stones were removed. The oldest known gravestone dated from 20th century. The site contains unmarked mass graves. The municipality owns mass burial site. Properties adjacent are agricultural. Rarely, local residents visit. The mass grave was vandalized during World War II and occasionally in the last ten years. There is no maintenance. Vegetation overgrowth is a seasonal problem, preventing access. Water drainage at the mass grave is a seasonal problem. Very serious threat: uncontrolled access. Moderate threat: pollution, vegetation, vandalism and existing nearby development. Slight threat: weather erosion and proposed nearby development.
Oks Vladimir Moiseevich of 270065, Odessa, Varnenskaya St. 17D, Apt. 52 [Phone: (0482) 665950] visited site in 12/1994. Interviewed on 12/1994 were Timoshina V.V. and Krasyuk I.V. of Voznesensk. Oks completed survey in 12/1995. Other documentation exists but was inaccessible.
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