VYSHHOROD (Vyshgorod, Vizhgorodok): Kiev Print
Alternate names: Vyshgorodok [Rus], Wyzgrodek [Pol], Vyshhorodok [Ukr], Vizhgorodok [Yid], Wyzhgrodek, Wyszogrodek, Vyzhgrudek, Vyshgrudek, Vyzhgorodok (Ukrainian: Ви́шгород; Russian: Вы́шгород). City in the Kiev Oblast in central Ukraine, the immediate northern suburb to the national capital Kiev, upstream along the Dnieper River. Population: 27,000 (2011 est.) Vyshhorod is a historical town and now the administrative center of the Vyshhorodskyi Raion, an industrial center as well as a growing bedroom community for Kiev. Jewish population: in 1897: 1,078 and pre-World War II: 944

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