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Alternate names: Volochisk and Волочиск [Rus], Volochys'k and Волочиськ [Ukr], Volotchisk [Yid], Wolotschysk [Ger], Wołoczyska [Pol], Woloczysk, Volochyska, Wolochisk, Wolocyska/.49°32' N, 26°10' E, Across the Zbruch River is a sister town, Podvolochisk (Podwołoczyska). Before WWI, the river was the border separating Volochisk and Podvolochisk -- Volochisk was in Russia, and Podvolochisk in Austria..

KehilaLink/ [April 2004]

1900 Jewish population: 3,295. 203.6 miles WSW of Kiev, about 18 km from Skalat and about 50 km from the county seat, Tarnopol. Volochysk is a district center in Khmelnytsky region in Western Ukraine. It is situated on the left bank of river Zbruch. On the other side of the river is/was Podvolochisk at 4932 2609. Volochysk is a transport center. The town population is 24,000 with 8 Jews in 2000. The 1939 Podwolocyska population was 7,000 including the town of Zdanishovka of which 20% were Poles, 20% Ukrainians, and 60% Jewish (about 4,200.)

information about the town and a few names from gravestones. The settlement on the right bank was later renamed to "Pidvolochysk", what means "the place near Volochysk". In 1890, there were eight synagogues. In 1913, Jewish Volochisk had a club, a theatre, two private libraries, and three book shops. In 1922, a Jewish section of the town's education committee was formed, a Jewish reading room opened, and in 1925 a Jewish collective organized. [April 2004]

three cemeteries that are hard to reach. [April 2004] photo. [Nov 2013]

Wikipedia information. [Nov 2013]

The old Jewish cemetery mostly dates from the 1920's or earlier.  The old cemetery on top of a hill overlooking the river and the old town. has only a few gravestones visible. The neglected site with many stones removed, probably to be used for building materials,remains, names listed on some stones in the cemetery. See Jeremy's letter. [Nov 2013]

The new Jewish cemetery, is around the overgrown Holocaust monument.  [Nov 2013]


[UPDATE] Photos by Charles Burns [April 2016]



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