Coat of arms of Vinnytsia Alternate names: Vinnytsya and Вінниця   [Ukr], Vinnitsa and Винница  [Rus], Vinitza [Yid], Winnica [Pol], Winnyzja [Ger], Vinnitza, Vinnycja, Winnitsa, Winniza, Vinitse. 49°14' N, 28°29' E, 123 miles SW of Kyyiv.A city in west-central Ukraine on the banks of the Southern Bug. It is the administrative center of Vinnytsia Oblast and the largest city in the historic region of Podolia.

"In 1943, the invading Germans exumed almost 10,000 people, mostly male Ukrainians, from mass graves in Vinnytsia. The majority of the executions happened during the Stalinist Great Purge between 1937-1938 in the Vinnytsia massacreAdolf Hitler sited his easternmost headquarters Führerhauptquartier Werwolf near the town and spent a number of weeks there in 1942 and early 1943. Nazi atrocities were committed in and near Vinnytsia by Einsatzgruppe C. Estimates of the number of victims run as high as 28,000. This included the virtual extinction of the town's large Jewish population. One infamous photo, The Last Jew of Vinnytsia, shows a member of Einsatzgruppe D about to execute a Jew kneeling before a mass grave. The textThe Last Jew of Vinnytsia was written on the back of the photograph, which was found in a photo album belonging to a German soldier. In 1959, the United States Government reported that the Soviet Union had built an school for training KGB infiltrators in how to live in the United States in Vinnytsia. A mock-up of an entire American small town was built, complete with American-style stores, movie theater, houses, restaurants, American vehicles, and a small college campus that served as the classrooms of the school." Wikipedia

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