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Velykyi Bychkiv (Ukrainian: Великий Бичків; Rusyn: Великый Бичкôв; Hungarian: Nagybocskó, Nagybocska; Romanian: Bocicoiu Mare; Slovak: Veľký Bočkov, Bočková), (Nagybocsko, Velky Bockov) Bochkuv, Bockov Velke, Nad Bochko, Nagy Bocska, Novyy Boksko, Vel Bockov, Velikiy Bochkov, Veliký Bočkov, Velký Bočkov, Velyikyiy Bychkiv, Velyikyy Bychkiv, Velikiy Bychkov is a town in western Ukraine with a population of 9,423,   47°58' N, 24°01' E, 7 miles ENE of Sighetu Marmaţiei (Sziget), 36 km east of Tiachiv, where the river Sopurka meets the Tisza River (Romanian border) opposite Bocicoiu Mare, Romania. Jewish population: 520 (in 1880), 1,092 (in 1921). In 1910 the village had 5955 inhabitants:with 1163 Jews and belonged to the Hungarian county of Máramaros. After World War I, it belonged to Czechoslovakia, before being ceded to the Ukrainian SSR in 1945. The synagogue was renovated and is as a Protestant church.


The cemetery on the outskirts of town near a Christian cemetery was protected by a modest fence and a locked gate with about forty-odd stones. photos. [Apr 2013]

The second cemetery situated up a steep hill and contains about 75 plain gravestones laid out in a series of long rows. photos. [Apr 2013]


[UPDATE] Photos by Charles Burns [April 2016]



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