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UZLOVOE:     US Commission No. UA13570101
Alternative names: German: Holoiuv; Polish: Holoiow. It is located in Lvovskaya Oblast at 50º14' and 24º33', 10 km from Radekhov, 20 km from Kamenka Bugskaya, 56 km from Lvov. The cemetery is located in village center E of village soviet, kindergarten. Present town population is 1000-5000 with less than 10 Jews.
-- Town officials: town chief Meskiv Mikhailo Nikolaevich, tel.: 31135; secretary tel.: 31116. Local officials: village soviet of Uzlovoe, the center, tel.: 31116.
-- Regional officials: Lvov Regional State Administration, Lvov Vinnichenko St., 18, reception room, tel.: 722947, 728093. Lvov Center State historical archives (CSHA), Sobornaya Square, 3a, tel.: 723508.
-- Lvov Jewish Community, Lvov Mikhnovskih St. 4, Rabbi Mordekhai Shloime Bold, tel.: 330524.
1880 Jewish population was 1667 and 1,139 Jews in 1909. Effecting Jewish community was Khmelnitsky Pogroms of 1648-1654. The unlandmarked Orthodox Hasidic cemetery was created in the 19th century with last known Jewish burial in 1930s. The isolated urban plainhas no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off the road, access is open to all. A metal fence and gate without lock surround. The approximate size of the cemetery before the World War II was 0.34 hectares. Now its size is hard to determine. There are no visible tombstones with more than 75% of stones broken. Location of any removed stones is known. Part of roads and the path from the village center to the church is made of 80 gravestones. Water drainage at the cemetery is good all year round. The oldest known gravestone on the cemetery dated from 19th century, now absent. The cemetery contains no mass graves. The municipality owns property on which are a kindergarten and residences. A residential area borders the cemetery. The cemetery boundaries are smaller than in 1939 because of the housing development. Rarely, local citizens visit. The cemetery was vandalized during the World War II and between 1945 and 1981. The gravestones were broken during German occupation. Stones were used for walk to the church. Moderate threat: pollution. Slight threat: erosion, vegetation overgrowth.
Iosif Gelston, Lvov, 290049, p/o box 10569, tel./fax: (0322) 227490 completed survey on 4.10.1998. Gelston visited site on 2.10.1998 and interviewed Meskiv Mikhailo Nikolaevich, citizen of Uzlovoe, village soviet chairman, tel.: 31135. Documentation: CSHA, Lvov, Fond 186, Inventory 6, 1399 points of safe, page 9; Jewish Encyclopedia, B.13, p.267, St Petersburg; Slownik Geograficsny Krolewstwa Pols., T.1, St 624, Warszawa, 1880.


Photos by Charles Burns [February 2016]

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