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Coat of arms of Uzhhorod Alternate names: Uzhhorod [Ukr], Uzhgorod [Rus], Užhorod [Cz, Slov], Ungvár [Hun], Ungvir [Yid], Ungwar [Ger], Użhorod [Pol], Uschurod, Ingver, Yngvyr, Ukrainian/Russian: Ужгород. אונגוואר-Yiddish. 48°37' N, 22°18' E, largest city in Zakarpatska Oblast, in SW corner of Ukraine, near border with Slovakia. 1900 Jewish cemetery: 4,497 (1880), 7,357 (1930).

Russian website with photo: "Zakarpattia Oblast. Rabbi Meir Aiznstadtr (Maharam Ash) served as rabbi of the city in the 19th century, and his book "Q Tell Fire" was the first Hebrew book printed in the city, in 1864. Year also printed in the first edition of the book "Desktop Shortcut Edit ", written by Rabbi Shlomo Ganzfreid, Dayan town. grandson of Rabbi Ganzfreid Rabbi and scholar of medieval poetry and poetry of Spain, live Brody, who was born in and lived there for several years. much the last of the city was Rabbi Elimelech Kahane, who perished in the Holocaust. most Most of the Jews were destroyed Ungvar biasinherent in the righteous: Rabbi Avraham Yosef Greenwald son of a flowerbed perfume, died: Tu Tevet Trf"h Rabbi Asher Anshel Greenwald Shub, Mh"s Ner Mitzvah - Hanukkah, below which, short thing and another seven died twelve Neeson felt " c Rabbi Avraham David Moses Cruise Ungvar called David R. Pagels Human Mind Mh"s the Bible, son of R. Samuel Hasid, died: Maple Trn"a etc.. (Son and grandchildren are buried there) Rabbi Chaim Zvi Manheimar Rabbi Ungvar, Mh"s Crystal Eye, Chatam Sofer, died: seventeenth of Tammuz Trm"o Rabbi Yehuda Eisenstadt , Rabbi Sabranz, the son of Rabbi Meir A. "that died: A Tribe Trc"b. Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda Greenwald son of a flowerbed perfume, Rabbi incidence Mh"s Memory father died: rent Tevet Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt Maharam Ash, father "D Aonwar, Mh"s FAQ Tell Ash and more, Chatam Sofer, died: six hundred and twelve rent Tevet Rabbi Menachem Eizenstat Rabbi Ungvar, Mh"s Wall Ash Memory Judah, the son of Maharam Ash, died: and Kislev Tr"l Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Leib Shapira , Rabbi Strizov, law of Rabbi Baruch Gerlitz, and brother of the ways in answer, the son of Rabbi Shlomo Mukachevo, died: in Cheshvan Tra"z Rabbi Solomon Gantzfrid Mh"s abbreviation table set, Died: Tammuz etc. Trm"o."

MASS GRAVE: A mass grave for 200 Jews has been located in the part of Ukraine that was part of Hungary prior to WWII. Known as Ungvar, the city is on the Slovakia/Ukraine border. This unfenced open area in the cemetery has no gravestones. The Rabbinical Center of Europe is seeking relatives of those murdered to fund a fence and a memorial. [March 2009]

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