TSYBULIV: Cherkasy oblast, Tsibulev, Cybulów, Tsybuliev, Tsybulevo, Tsybulev, Cybulev, Cybuliv Print

Alternate names: Tsibulev [Rus], Tsybuliv [Ukr], Cybulów [Pol], Tsybuliev, Tsybulevo, Tsybulev, Cybulev, Cybuliv. 49°04' N, 29°51' E, 63 miles E of Vinnytsya,51 miles SSW of Bila Tserkva, 6 miles NNE of Monastyrishche. Jewish population: 463 (in 1897), 434 (in 1939).

Tsybuliv Jewish Cemtery - Used for residential purposes, this site requires an identifying marker. [Mar 2015]

Tsybuliv Mass Grave I - Between July and September 20, 1941, several hundred Jews were shot and buried here. The site lacks demarcation and a memorial.  [Mar 2015]


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