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Jewish cemetery: Alternate name: Tlusty.

MASS GRAVE: Some remaining Jews from Horodenka were sent here to die in a local ghetto. The Hebrew inscription translated into English reads: "In memory of the martyrs of Tlusty and surroundings who were annihilated by the Nazis in the years 1942-1943 and to remember all the martyrs who are buried in this cemetery. Erected by the survivors from Tlusty." See Tosia Schneider, “Visiting Gorodenka, Fifty-three Years Later”. Ms. Schneider, nee Szechter, spent her early life in Horodenka. The only survivor of her family, she spent part of WWII in the ghettoes of Horodenka, Tluste, and the labor camp at Lisowce. [January 2009]


See also listing, from an earlier source, for Tolstoye, which is actually the same place.


[UPDATE] Photos by Charles Burns [April 2016]


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