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Alternate names: Ternivka and Тернівка  [Ukr], Ternovka and Терновка  [Rus], Ternevke and Тернівка [Yid], Ternówka [Pol], Tarnovka, Ternefke, Hebrew: טרנובקה. 18 places in Ukraine are named Ternivka. This one is at 48°32' N, 29°58' E, 18 miles SW of Uman, 24 miles ENE of Bershad, 32 miles SE of Gaysin (Haisyn) and 200 miles south of Kiev in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Jewish population: 2,823 in 1897, 2001 total population is 29,226.

CEMETERY: Ternivka was a shtetl where Hassidim  buried Rebbe Nachman of Breslov ("Every Rosh Hashana, there is a major pilgrimage  by tens of thousands of Hasidim and others from around the world to the burial site of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, located on the former site of the Jewish cemetery in a rebuilt synagogue. Rebbe Nachman spent the last five months of his life in Uman,  and specifically requested to be buried here."

photos of cemetery and mass grave sites. [December 2012].

The Ternivka mass grave site and the little cemetery [May 2013]

MASS GRAVE: The Germans occupied Ternivka on July 29, 1941. 2300 Jews perished in the mass murder in the Antonovka forest of May 27, 1942 and April 2, 1943.

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