TERLITSA: Cherkasy oblst [Terlytsia, Lerlitza, Lerlica, Terlycja] Print

Alternate names: Terlitsa [Rus], Terlytsia [Ukr], Terlitza [Yid], Terlica [Pol], Terlycja. 48°56' N, 29°42' E, 59 miles ESE of Vinnytsya, 27 miles WNW of Uman, 16 miles NE of Gaysin. 1897 Jewish population: 1,191.

Terlytsia Jewish Cemetery - Lacking physical identification, this site requires a marker and demarcation. [Mar 2015]

Terlytsia Mass Grave - Between August and September 1941, about 200 local Jews were shot and buried here. The site requires demarcation and a memorial.  [Mar 2015]