TALNE: Cherkasy oblast [Tal'ne, Talnoye, Talna, Talnoe, Talnoya] Print

Alternate names: Tal'ne [Ukr], Tal'noye [Rus], Talna [Yid], Talne [Pol, Ger], Talnoe, Talnoya. 48°53' N, 30°42' E, 18 miles SW of Zvenigorodka, 24 miles ENE of man, 72 miles WSW of Cherkasy. 1897 Jewish population: 5,452.

Talne Jewish Cemetery I - Water drainage is a problem at this 18th-century site, constantly disturbing gravestones. In addition, the cemetery requires fencing. [Mar 2015]

Talne Jewish Cemetery II - This unprotected cemetery is demarcated but requires fencing. [Mar 2015]