STARE DAVYDKOVO: Mukachivs'kyy raion, Zakarpatsk'ka obleast Print

Alternate names: Старе Давидково,  Staroye Davidkovo, Stare Davydkove, Davikova Sztaroje, Sztaroje Davidovo, Stare Davydkovo (Yiddish), and Kleina Davidkif (Yiddish). Located at 48°27' N, 22°38' E , 4 miles W of Mukacheve (Munkács). Stare Davydkovo is a small farming village in the suburbs of Mukachevo (Munkács) in Transcarpathian Ukraine as part of the Kingdom of Hungary from the 11th century until 1918, when called Ó-Dávidháza. The administrative district center ( village of Palanok) has birth, marriage and death records. Located in Bereg megyé (county) and Munkácsi járás (district) as part of Czechoslovakia (1918-1938) when called  Podkarpatská Rus (Sub-Carpathia) as Stare Davidkovo. The region was Hungarian during World War II and then part of the Soviet Union in 1945 until Ukrainian independence in 1991. Today, it is part of Mukachevskiy (Mukachivs'kyy) rayon (district) and the Zakarpats'ka oblast (county) of Ukraine. Stare Davydkovo has only a couple streets bordering the road from Mukacheve to Uzhhorod, about 4 miles W of Mukacheve. Jews probably settled in 1711. 1880 Jewish population: 94.

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