STANISLAVCHYK: [Stanislavchik , Stanislavtchik, Stanisławczyk, Stanislavciîk] Print

Alternate names: Stanislavchyk AND Станіславчик [Ukr], Stanislavchik AND Станиславчик [Rus], Stanislavtchik [Yid], Stanisławczyk [Pol], Stanislavciîk. 48°58' N, 28°07' E, 25 miles SW of Vinnytsya, 5 miles S of Zhmerinka. [Not Stanislavchyk 12 mi NW of Brody, in Galicia]. Jewish population: 1,207 (in 1897).


Dating from the 17th or 18th century. [2010]


[UPDATE] Photos by Charles Burns (Note:  Burns labels this city as being in Rivnenska Oblast, but more likely it is in Lviv Oblast) [April 2016]


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