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Sokoliefka at 49º02 30º09, about 38 km NNW of Uman. Sokoliefka-Justingrad was Jewish part of town burned to the ground by the Nazis. Sokoliefka now is an agricultural commune. The unlandmarked cemetery is near a lake and next to a farm machinery repair area. The town had a pogrom in August 1919. The last burial Orthodox was probably before WWII. The isolated rural (agricultural) flat land by a lake has no sign or marker. The cemetery is reached by turned directly off a public road and crossing a farm machinery repair area. The size is many hectares. Access is open to all with no wall, fence, or gate. About one dozen gravestones are visible in original location with about 1% toppled or broken (probably fell over and were covered by earth and grass.) The 20th century granite, finely smoothed and inscribed stones (and one obelisk) are inscribed in Yiddish. No known mass graves. The cemetery property is used for animal grazing. Nearby is industrial/commercial property. Adjacent properties are agricultural. Rarely, private visitors stop. The cemetery was not vandalized. No care, maintenance, or structures. No threats except weather erosion. Benign neglect seems to be the treatment.
Irene Silfin, 15 Audley Clr., Plainview, NY 11803. 516-935-8224 completed survey on 15 October 1997 after a visit to the site in July 1995. No documentation was used and no interviews. Denizens of Sokoliefka admitted to knowing nothing about anyone or about old times. [1997]
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