SHCHORS: Chernihiv Oblast Snovsk, Snowska, Schtschors, Shchorsk, Snowsk] Print

Alternate names: Shchors [Ukr, Rus, since 1935], Snovsk [Yid, Rus, before 1935], Snowska [Pol], Schtschors [Ger], Shchorsk, Snowsk. 51°49' N, 31°56' E, in NE Ukraine, 34 miles NE of Chernihiv (Chernigov), 12 miles ESE of Horodnia (Gorodnya). Jewish populatoin: 985 (in 1897), 1,402 (in 1939).

Schors Jewish Cemetery - The site is in good condition, but needs to be marked appropriately. [Mar 2015]