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Alternate names: Sebastopol;. Севасто́поль. Located at 44°36′N 33°32′E on the Black Sea coast of the Crimean Peninsula with a 2001 population of 342,451, Sevastopol possibly is the second largest port in Ukraine after the Port of Odessa. Wikipedia. 1926 Jewish population: 5,204. [May 2013]

The Jewish Community of Stebastopol. Lomonosova 32, Sevastopol, Ukraine38-069-255-6018Fax: 38-069-255-6018  Museum. website of proposed new synagogue.  [May 2013]

JEWISH CEMETERY:  The first Jewish Cemetery was on Mt. Rudolf, The earliest surviving burial is from 1866. In 1928 an earthquake caused severe damage to many of the headstones. An article mentions several names of residents/business people from Sevastopol as well as some of personal information, who were buried here. The names listed based on information from a publication, "Sevastopol Jewish Necropolis; Historical Monuments of Crimea", Simferopol, 2004, # 8, p. 161-164 (Krestyannikov VV, Tereshchuk, NM). Explanation in Russian. photo and extensive description/history of cemetery with some names. [May 2013]

1853: There were three Jewish cemeteries in the town , two Orthodox and a Jewish cemetery at the height of the head in the Sugar Siltings. During the first defense of Sevastopol, this height was subjected to intensive artillery and rifle firel and a small cemetery was completely destroyed. See article above for full cemeteries information. [May 2013]

Unknown attackers desecrated Jewish graves in the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol, Segodnya reported June 22, 1995. Ukrainian groups promptly denounced the crime; Russian groups in the region said it was a provocation designed to make Russians look bad. [May 2013]





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