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v. SENKEVICHEVKA:      US Commission No. UA02120501  
Alternate name: Senkevicevka (Yiddish), Senkevichovka (German) and Sienkiwiczowka (Hungarian.) v. Senkevichevka is located in Volynskaya at 50°32 25°2, 35 km from Lutsk and 88 km from Rovno. The mass grave is located at SE part of village, 500m from railroad station. Present town population is 1,000-5,000 with no Jews.
  • Town officials: Village Executive Council, Ivaniha Mariya Andreevna. Zhovtneva St. [Phone: (03379)21034]. Mazuryk I.S at Zhovtneva St. 49.
  • Regional: Lutsk Dept. of Monuments Preservation, Galana St. 2, Chemeris E.V. State Archive of Volynskaya Oblast: 263024, Lutsk, Veteranov St. 21 [Phone: (03322)57994].
  • Volyn Jewish Community, Lutsk, Sovietskaya St. 83A, Apt.6. Others: Work group 'Book of Memory' of 263000, Lutsk, Nakonechniy V.A.

The earliest known Jewish Community was 14th century. 1939 Jewish population (census) was 1500. Effecting Jewish Community were World War I and Civil War. The Jewish mass grave was dug in 1941. No other towns or village's Jews were murdered at this unlandmarked mass grave. The isolated suburban flat land has no sign or marker. Reached by crossing railway, access is open to all. A continuous fence with no gate surrounds the mass grave. 1 to 20 stones, all in original location with none toppled or broken, date from 20th century. No stones were removed. The mass grave has only common tombstones. The site contains marked mass graves. Municipality owns site used for mass burial site. Properties adjacent are commercial or industrial and agricultural. rarely by local residents. This mass grave has not been vandalized. Local/municipal authorities did re-erection of stones. Authorities clean or clear occasionally. Within the limits of the mass grave are no structures. Serious threat: weather erosion (Foundation is bad. Monument bends over a little) and existing nearby development (Near the mass burial site is pig farm.) Slight threat: uncontrolled access, pollution, vegetation, vandalism and proposed nearby development.
Kirzhner Moisey of 263005, Lutsk, Grushevskogo St. 18,Apt. 38 [Phone: (03322) 34775] visited site and completed survey on 2/15/95. Interviewed on 2/15/95were Kobylyanskaya M.M. of Village Soviet and Voloshinyuk G.S. of Village Soviet. Documentation: Materials of Dept. of the Monuments Preservation in Region Executive Committee of Volin.


SENKEVICHEVKA: may be buried at Gorokhov

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