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Alternate names: Semënovka, Семёновка [Rus], Semenivka [Ukr], Semianovka [Yid], Semenowka [Pol], Semionovka, Ukrainian: Семенівка. 49°36' N, 33°10' E, 63 miles W of Poltava. Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), X, p. 428: "Semenowka" #2. This town in Poltava Oblast (province) had a 2001 population of 7,500 and is the center of Semenivskyi Raion. [July 2009]

US Commission No. UA16080101

Semenovka is located in Poltavskaya at 52°10 32°35, 134 km from Poltava. The mass grave is located NNE, property of sugar factory, Tsiolkovskogo Street. Present town population is 5,001-25,000 with no Jews.

  • Local: Town Soviet, 315930, Semenovka, Lenina St. 44 (05341)91751. Veselo-Podolyanskiy sugar fabric - Chernenko Vasiliy Grigorievich, Tsiolkovskogo St. 1.
  • Regional: Poltava Oblispolkom. Semenovka Museum, Shkolniy per., Krishtal Galina Mitrofanovna. Regional Dept. of Culture, Lenina 44, Mazanko Lyubov Vasiliefvna [Phone: (05341)91003]. Poltava Oblast Archive, 314011, Poltava, Pushkinskaya St. 18/24 Kukaba E.I (05322)73439 and 74234].

The earliest known Jewish Community was 19th century. 1926 Jewish population (census) was 443. Effecting Jewish Community were 1918 Petlyura's pogroms and 1919 Gigoryev's pogroms. The Jewish mass grave was dug in 1941. No other towns or village's Jews were murdered at this unlandmarked mass grave. The isolated suburban site, by water, has no sign or marker. Reached by turning directly off a public road, access is open to all. A continuous fence with no gate surrounds the mass grave. No stones are visible or removed OR Stones date from 1947. The mass grave has only common tombstones. The site contains marked mass graves. Municipality owns site used for mass burial site. Properties adjacent are recreational and other. Occasionally, Jewish or non-Jewish private visitors and local residents visit. This mass grave has not been vandalized. Authorities clean or clear occasionally. Within the limits of the mass grave are no structures. Seasonal problems are vegetation overgrowth and water drainage. Moderate threat: uncontrolled access, weather erosion, pollution and vegetation. Slight threat: vandalism.

Sokolova Eleonora Eugen'evna of 253152, Kiev, Tychiny St. 5, Apt.68 [Phone: (044) 5505681] visited site and completed survey on 4/15/95. Interviewed 4/15/95 were Storchak Leonid Samoylovich [Phone: (05341) 91147] and Skokova Lyudmila Nikiforovna of Nikolaeva St. 9 Apt. 5 [Phone: (05341) 97208]. Sok

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