v. SEDNEVKA:     US Commission No. UA.10240101.
The cemetery is located on the N outskirts of village, next to the Sidorovaya gully in Kriovogradskaya Oblast, 80 km from Kirovograd. Present town population is 1000-5000 with no Jewish population.
  • Town officials: Executive Committee Chairman of Village Soviet, Orlov Alexandr Ivanovich, tel.: (05239) 4-17-57, 2-11-42, Sednevke.
  • Regional: Chairman of Regional State Administration Grigorchuk Silvestr Nikolaevich, Ustinovka, Lenin St. 44, tel.: (05239) 4-10-30, 4-12-43. District State Administration Chairman Gromovoi Mikhail Filippovich, Kirovograd, Kirova Square, tel.: (0522) 24-03-30, 24-13-25. Local History historian: Oleinik Viktor Semenovich, Ustinovka, Gagarin St. 1.
  • Jewish Community Chairman Elbert Leonid Solomonovich, Kirovograd, 50 let Oktyabrya St. 25, fl.33. tel.: (0522) 23-22-83.
The earliest mention about Jewish Community is the mid-19th century. Effecting Jewish community was mid-19th century creation of Jewish land colonies in the region and 1905 and 1919 pogroms. The cemetery has no lock or caretaker. The unlandmarked Orthodox cemetery dates from the mid-19th century with last known Jewish burial in 1930s. The isolated rural (agricultural) border of the gully has no sign or marker. Reached by walking on the road to Stepanovka, access is open to all. There is no wall, gate, or fence. The cemetery size before and after World War II was 0.5 hectares. There are no visible gravestones with more than 75% of the tombstones are broken or over-turned. Vegetation overgrowth is a constant problem that disturbs graves. The drainage in the cemetery is a constant problem. No gravestones, known mass graves, or care. Municipality owns site used as cattle pasture. The cemetery borders agricultural area. The cemetery boundaries are the same as in 1939. Local residents visit rarely. Very serious and serious threat: erosion, vegetation overgrowth and vandalism. Complete destruction of tombstones, absence of walls and fences or sign, and erosion and vegetation overgrowths bring the final disappearance of the cemetery.
Uriy Isaakovich Khodorkovskiy, Kiev, Vozdukhoflotskiy Prospect 37a, fl.23, tel.: (044) 276- 95-05 completed the survey 26 February 1997. He visited the site on 27 November 1997 and interviewed Oleinik V.S., Ustinovka, Gagarin St, 1. Documentation: History of Towns and Villages of Ukrainian RSR . Kirovogradskaya Region. Kiev, 1972; Jewish Encyclopaedia ; Bagliy D.I. Settlement of Sern Ukraine. K., 1920.