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"The Jewish Cemetery in Satanov was inspected and documented by two expeditions in the years 1991 and 1992. The cemetery is situated upon a hill, above the Zbruch River, and its dimensions are 1200 m x 300 with about 3000 tombstones in situ. There are about 300 carved gravestones and steles from the 16th to the first half of the 19th century in the old section. The earliest gravestone dates from the 1554.
"There are fifteen gravestones from the 16th century, and twenty-seven gravestones from the 17th century. The inscriptions yield information on various events in the shtetl's life, on migrations, etc. Decorated gravestones of the 18th century deserve special attention because of their being unequaled in the variety of their motifs, stylistic solutions and artistic performance. In Satanov, most gravestones, which date from the end of 17th-19th centuries, are preserved. The development of artistic tendencies and appearance of a unique stone carving school can be traced. The iconography of motifs is extensive and varied.
"The picturesque environs of Satanov are wood-covered, with low mountains rising just after the settlement. There is a well-appointed spa just three kilometers from Satanov. Thus, the site could become a site of international tourism. Unfortunately, residential building here was much more poorly preserved. However, if desired, it is possible to reconstruct a number of half-ruined Jewish houses or to transfer a number of Jewish houses from nearby shtetls (the town plan of the shtetl has remained) and so recreate here a memorial area of the Podolia shtetl." Source: "The Fortress Synagogue and Jewish Cemetery of Satanov, Ukraine" by Boris Khaimovich. Jewish Heritage Report: [March 2002]
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