POLISKE: Poliskyi Raion, Kyiv Oblast [Polesskoye, Kagonovich, Khabno, Chabna, Chabne, Chabnoye, Khabnoye, Kaganowitsch, Kaganovichi, Kaganovichi-Khabnoye] Print

Alternate names: Polesskoye [Rus, since 1957], Kaganovich [Rus, 1934-57], Khabno [Rus, until 1934], Polis'ke [Ukr], Chabna [Yid], Chabne [Pol], Chabnoje, Khabnoye, Kaganowitsch, Kaganovichi, Kaganovichi-Khabnoye. Russian: Хабно / Кагановичи / Полесское. Ukrainian: Поліське. 51°14' N, 29°23' E, 74 miles NW of Kiev, 26 miles ESE of Ovruch, in the NW corner of Kiev gubernia. 1900 Jewish population: 1,721.

an abandoned settlement and former town in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone on the Uzh River, depopulated zone of alienation. Currently around 10 people live there, socalled samosely ("self-settlers").


  • The cemetery located on Khmelevaia Sstreet near the former farm machinery office requires special permission to visit since Poliske is located in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The cemetery dates from 1415. photos. [May 2010]
  • Poliske Mass Grave - 439 Jews were killed and buried here in September 1941 and during 1942. The memorial does not mention the Jewish victims.


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