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PNEVNO:     US Commission No. UA02300101
Alternate name: Pniewno (German) and Pnyevno (English). The town is located at 51°40 25°16, 25 km from Kamen' Kashirskiy and 139 km from Rovno. The cemetery is located at NW of village Executive Soviet, 500 m from road to K. Kashirskiy. Present town population is under 1,000 with no Jews.
  • Town: Village Executive Soviet of Pnyevno, 264551, Volinskaya oblast, K.Kashirski rayon, Pnyevno village chairman Drozdik Semyon Larionovich [tel. (?)32142]. Village Executive Soviet of Pnyevno, Vice-chairman Kaychik Yevgenia Ostapovna.
  • Regional: Monument Preservation Department, Volinian Museum of Study of Region, 263000 Lutsk, Galana St., N2, Chemeris Ye.V. [tel. (03322) 42253].
  • Town: Jewish Community, Volinskaya oblast, 263000, Lutsk, Vinnichenko St. N49, apt. 6, Dolinskiy S.P., [tel. (03322) 40045].
  • Others: Volinian State Archive, Lutsk, Veteranov St., N21, [tel. (03322) 57533].
  • No caretaker.
     The earliest known Jewish community was 17-18th century. 1939 Jewish population was 143. Effecting the Jewish community were B.Khmelnitskiy Pogroms, First World War, 1917 Revolution, 1920 Brest Peace Treaty, and 1939 joining the USSR. The last known Karlin Stolinskaya Hasidic Jewish burial was 1941. No other towns or villages' used this unlandmarked cemetery. The wooded flat land, separate but near other cemeteries, has no sign or marker. Reached by to the NW from village Executive Soviet, access is open to all with no wall, fence, or gate. The approximate size of cemetery before WWII and now is 0.50 hectares. There are 1 to 20 stones. Location of removed stones is unknown. Stones date from 20th century. The cemetery has only common tombstones. The cemetery contains no known mass graves. The municipality owns site used for neglected Jewish cemetery. Properties adjacent are forest. The cemetery boundaries are unchanged since 1939. Rarely, local residents visit. The cemetery was been vandalized during World War II with no maintenance. Within the limits of the cemetery are no structures. Serious threat: uncontrolled access (needs the gate to forest location). Moderate threat: pollution, vegetation (seasonal) and vandalism. Slight threat: weather erosion.
     Kirzhner Moisey Davidovich of 263005 Lutsk, Grushevskogo str. 18, apt.38 [tel. (03322) 34775] visited site and completed survey on 20/11/1996. Kravchenko Anatoliy Alekseyevich was interviewed on 20/11/1996. Documentation: The Holocaust of Volynian Jews 1941-1945. Jerusalem: Yad Vashem; Federation of Volynian Jews, 1990, by Shmuel Spector.
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