--Overview: Mykolaivska Oblast Cemeteries Condition Information-- Print

JANUARY 2009: Information in this table derived from Jewish Preservation Committee of Ukraine survey forms (1995 to 2000) . Other cemeteries may exist in the country. U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad


Survey Number Town Oldest Stone Walls/Gates Markers/Signs Number of Gravestones Current Use
UA14040101 Domanivka 1894 none 101 to 500 Jewish cemetery
UA14030101 Mosotve 1895 none 101 to 500 Jewish cemetery
UA14020101 Nova Odesa 1952 broken masonry wall, gate with no lock 1 to 20 Jewish cemetery
UA14090101 Slava n/a none 0 agriculture
UA14230101 Viktorivka 1941 continuous fence 21 to 100 Jewish part of municipal cemetery
UA14050101 Voznesensk n/a none 0 Industrial or commercial
UA14050102 Voznesensk 1918 continuous fence, gate without lock 501 to 5000 Jewish cemetery


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