--Overview: Khersonska Oblast Cemeteries Condition Information-- Print

JANUARY 2009: Information in this table derived from Jewish Preservation Committee of Ukraine survey forms (1995 to 2000) . Other cemeteries may exist in the country. U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad

Survey # Town                  
Oldest Walls/Gates, Markers/Signs # of Gravestones Current Use
UA21030101 Beryslav ? none unknown industrial or commercial
UA21080101 Bobrovyj Kut 19th c. broken fence 501 to 5000 Jewish cemetery
UA21020101 Kakhovka ? Unknown Unknown Unknown
UA21050101 Lvovo n/a none 0 agriculture
UA21040101 Novo-Vorontsovka n/a none 0 agriculture
UA21130101 V. Chkalovo n/a none 0 agriculture
UA21110101 V. Kalininske
19th c. broken fence 501 to 5000 Jewish cemetery
UA21100101 V. Krynychanka
n/a none 0 agriculture
UA21090101 V. Mala Semenukha 19th c. none 101 to 500 Jewish cemetery
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