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FIVE MASS GRAVES: [January 2009]

  1. Horkoho Park: With no wall or fence, a marker mentions the Holocaust. Restored in 1965. the municipality owns but does not maintain the site . Overgrown vegetation is a serious problem. Frequently by organized Jewish tours, pilgrimage groups, and private visitors (non-Jewish and Jewish) visit.
  2. Akademika Vorobjova Street: No wall or fence. This not maintained site is infrequently visited.
  3. Malynovskoho Street Nr. 71/1: Organized tours and local residents visit this mass grave, occasionally cleared by authorities. No fence.
  4. Park im. Lenina: No fence. Not maintained and overgrown.
  5. Chornomorska Road, SW of the city: No fence or wall surrounds the site frequently visited by Jewish tour groups and others. Occasional clearing or cleaning by local authorities.
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