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Romanian: Jadova Nouă, German: Zadowa Alt. Нова Жадова , Ukr. With 406 inhabitants, mostly Ukrainians, the village on the banks of the river Siret Sea was home to Aharon Appelfeld (b. 1932 Jadova) - Israeli writer, survivor of the Holocaust.



The invading army organised massacres in the villages inhabited by Jews throughout Storojinet county. Eighty people were shot dead in Stanesti, among them Rabbi Friedlaender and his two sons. In Jadova Noua dozens of Jews were tortured and killed, among them Weiss Moise, his child and siblings, Weiss David and Weiss Urci. In Jadova Veche, Rabbi Ghinsberg survived after his beard was pulled out, his head was injured in several places, and he was repeatedly bayoneted. However, Eli Schnitter and his wife, Bubi Engel, was shot dead. Many girls were raped, and the beard of every old man was cut off. It will never be known how many Jews were killed on that day, and how many later. Very few witnesses survived. The only certainty is that from among the 543 Jewish inhabitants of the two Jadovas only 80 survived the massacre and the death march to the camps in Edineti and Transnistria. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it [September 2013]


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