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Alternate names: Mykolayiv and Миколаїв [Ukr], Nikolayev [Rus Николаев , Yid מיקאָלײַעווע ], Mikołajów [Pol], Mykolajiw, Mikolayev, Nikołajew, Nikolajev, Nikolaev, Nikolaiev, Neishtetel, Vernoleninsk. 46°58' N, 32°00' E, 250 miles SSE of Kyyiv, 70 miles ENE of Odesa, 36 miles NW of Kherson. Major port city in S Ukraine on the Buh River estuary and administrative center of the Mykolaiv Oblas that is the main ship building center of the Black Sea.The town was founded in 1789 by the Russian Governor General of Novorossiya, Prince Grigory Potemkin, as a shipyard.

Jewish community. [December 2012]

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