LADYZHINKA: [Ladyzhynka, Ladyzynka, Ladyzhenka]. Uman raion, Cherkasy oblast Print

ALTERNATE NAMES: LADYZHINKA and Ладыжинка[RUS], LADYZHYNKA and Ладижинка [UKR], ŁADYŻYNKA [POL], LADYZHENKA. 48°33' N, 30°15' E, 14 miles S of Uman.1900 Jewish populaton: ,173. 2009, its population was 2,286.


Ladyzhinka Jewish Cemetery - This site is currently used for agricultural purposes. It requires clear identification and demarcation. [Mar 2015]

Ladyzhinka Mass Grave - 21 local Jews were shot here in August 1941. The site needs to be identified and demarcated. [Mar 2015]