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Alternate names: Kuz'myno [Ukr], Beregszilvás [Hun, 20th c.], Kuzmina [Slov, Hun 19th c.], Kuz'mino [Rus], Kuz'myne [Ukr, until 1995], Kuz'mine  E48°33' N, 22°34' E, 13 miles ESE of Uzhhorod (Ungvár), 10 miles NW of Mukacheve (Munkács).. Jewish population:  152 (in 1880), 154 (in 1910. Kuzmyno ( Кузьмино,  Kuz'myno), Kalnik, Kuzmics, Kuzmino, Kuzmina, Kuz'myno, or Beregszilvás is a village in the Mukacheve Raion (district) in the Zakarpattia Oblast (province) in western Ukraine.

Jewish cemetery: ?

Russian source with photos: "Kuzmin, village Gorodok District Khmelnitsky region, situated on the banks of the river. Smotrych (a tributary of the Dniester River). Prior to 1923 - the county town Proskurovskogo Podolia. was first mentioned in historical documents in the early XVII century. Jews settled in Kuzmin in the first half of the 18th century. Jewish population: a 1765. - 268 Jews. 1797 - 890 (30% of population), 1923. - 569. vrei Kuzmina Yarmolintsy were shot in the autumn of 1942. Jews have not lived in Kuzmin Vladimir Lukin, "100 Jewish towns in Ukraine" Detailed description on the photo. / Kuzmin.html [Mar 2014]

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