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Alternate names: Khmel'nyts'kyy-Хмельницький [Ukr], Khmelnitskiy-Хмельницкий [Rus, since 1954], Chmielnicki [Pol], Chmelnitski, Khmelnitski, Khmelnitskii, Kiemieliszki, Kimlishuk, Płoskirów, Proskurov- פּראסקוראוו [Yid], Proskurov [Rus, until 1954]. 49°25' N, 27°00' E. 1900 Jewish population: 11,411. Yizkor: Khurbn Proskurov; tsum ondenken fun di heylige neshomes vos zaynen umgekumen in der shreklikher shkhite, vos iz ongefirt gevoren durkh di haydamakes (New York, 1924).  [September 2009]

Jewish Community of Khmelnitzky
Kaminetzkaya 58/1
Khmelnitzky, Ukraine 29000
Tel.: (380382) 29-01-59
Fax: (380382) 29-01-59

MASS GRAVES: "Khmelnitskiy's mass grave was one of four in the city, and one of 64 in the surrounding region. The monument, dedicated to the more than 8,000 dead, many of whom were children, was erected after the end of the War. However members of the Jewish community recently asked local administration officials to permit additional monuments for the city's three mass graves that have not been previously commemorated." Source: 2007 news article about vandalism of WWII Jewish mass grave memorial. [September 2009]

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