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Alternate names: Kharkiv-Харків [Ukr], Khar'kov-Харьков [Rus], Charkiw [Ger], Charków [Pol]. 50°00' N, 36°15' E. Second-largest city in Ukraine. 1900 Jewish population: 11,013. photos. It was the first capital of Soviet Ukraine, now the administrative center of the Kharkiv Oblast (province), as well as the administrative centre of the surrounding Kharkivskyi Raion (district). The city is located in the northeast of the country. 20,000 Jews were killed in Drobitsky Yar in Kharkov in WWII. In 1990 the synagogue on Pushkinskaya 12 was returned to the Jewish community after being a sports complex for almost 70 years. 2006 population was 1,461,300. [September 2009]

Jewish Community of Kharkov
Pushkinskaya str. 12
Kharkov, Ukraine 61057
Tel.: (380 57) 712-80-31,712-65-26
Fax: (380 57) 712-65-26

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