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Alternate names: Kerch [Керчь-Rus, Керч-Ukr], Kerç [Turk, Tatar], Kertsch [Ger], Kertch [Fr], Panticapaeum - Παντικάπαιον [Grk], Bospora, Bospor. 45°21' N, 36°29' E, on the eastern point of Crimea. 1900 Jewish population: 4,774. Słownik Geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego (1880-1902), IV, p. 44: "Kiercz". Jewish Community information. Jewish history. [September 2009]

Cemetery: " Jewish tombstones and abandoned cemeteries, the remains of once- vibrant Jewish communities, are scattered across Ukraine today. Few communities have managed to do what the Jews in this Crimean town have done: assemble a collection of these tombstones for a museum dedicated to the community's history. During the German occupation of the Crimea in World War II, 7,000 Kerch Jews, or 99 percent of the prewar Jewish population, were killed by the Nazis. After the war, tombstones from the now-unused Jewish cemetery were used to pave roads and build fences, said Boris Kapustin, the former head of the town's Reform congregation and leader of Kerch's Jewish community." Source [September 2009]

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