IVANHOROD [Ivangorod, Iwangrod, Ivangorodok Khrystynivka Raion, Cherkasy oblast Print

Alternate names: Ivangorod and Ивангород [Rus], Ivanhorod and  Івангород [Ukr], Iwangród [Pol], Ivangorodok. 48°48' N, 29°47' E, . 60 miles N of Balta, 20 miles W of Uman, 17 miles E of Gaysin, and 151 km from Kiev. Jewish population: 442 (in 1897).  Iwangród) is a village located in the Khrystynivka Raion of the Cherkasy Oblast in central Ukraine

Ivanhorod Jewish Cemetery - Dating back to the first half of the 19th century, this site needs to bear identification and should be demarcated. [Mar 2015]

Ivanhorod Mass Grave - 40 Jews were killed here in July 1942. The site requires demarcation and a memorial. [Mar 2015]