HREBINKY: Vasylkivskyi Raion, Kyiv Oblast [Grebënki, Hrebencky, Hrebionki, Rebinke\ Print

Coat of arms of Hrebinky Alternate names: Grebënki [Rus], Hrebenky, Hrebinky, and Гребінки [Ukr], Hrebionki [Pol], Rebinke [Yid]. 49°57' N, 30°12' E, 36 miles SSW of Kiev, 12 miles NNE of Bila Tserkva (Belaya Tserkov). 1900 Jewish population: 551. photos. [May 2010]


  • Dating from the mid-19th century, the cemetery located on the southern outskirts of the city is on the grounds of the district petroleum supply depot (Industrialnaia Street) that was built on it. Nothing remains of the site.  [March 2010]
  • Hrebinky Mass Grave - 37 Hrebinky Jews were shot in the forest on August 26, 1941. Children were thrown into the pit and buried alive. There is no memorial or any indication of the mass grave on site. [Mar 2015]


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