HORODNIA: Chernihiv Oblast [Horodnya, Gorodnya, Horodnia, Horodnja, Gorodnia] Print

Alternate names: Horodnya [Ukr], Gorodnya [Rus], Horodnia [Yid, Pol], Horodnja, Gorodnia. 51°53' N, 31°36' E, in NE Ukraine, 29 miles NNE of Chernihiv (Chernigov), near borders with Belarus and Russia. Jewish population: 1,249 (in 1897), 731 (in 1939). 2011 general population is 12,766.


Horodnia Jewish Cemetery - At this site, the fence needs to be repaired and excess vegetation removed. [Mar 2015]

Horodnia Mass Grave I - This marked mass grave site, where 78 Jews were murdered in 1941, lacks a plaque mentioning the Jewish identity of the victims.  [Mar 2015]