HORNOSTAJPIL: Ivankivskyi Raion, Kyiv Oblast Print
Alternate names: Gornostaypol' [Rus], Hornostajpil' and Горностайпіль [Ukr], Hornistopol [Yid], Hornostajpol [Pol], Gornastaypol', Gornostipol. 51°04' N, 30°15' E, 45 miles NNW of Kyyiv, 14 miles S of Chornobyl. 1900 Jewish population: 1,888. 
  • Old Jewish Cemetery: The early 19th century cemetery is located in the grounds of the Hornostaypil village council. Maintenance work done: delineation of cemetery boundaries, fencing, adding identification marker. photos. [May 2010]
  • New Jewish Cemetery: Opposite house no. 181 on Ul. Internatsionalnaya, a memorial for those killed during WWII is on the site that dates probably from the early 20th century. photos. [May 2010]
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