HALYCH: Halicz, Helitch, Galich, Halytsch, Halicas, Galic, Halic Print

Coat of arms of Halych Alternate names: Halych and Галич [Ukr], Halicz [Pol], Helitch and העליטש [Yid], Galich and Галич [Rus], Halytsch [Ger], Haličas [Lith], Galic [Lat], Halic. 49°07' N, 24°44' E, on the Dniester River, 13 miles N of Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanisławów). Jewish population: 1,568 (in 1900), 582 (in 1921) but unclear because Halych had Karaite community.


Photos by Charles Burns [Mar 2016]


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